Companies face many critical business problems and decisions every day. In an effort to save money and increase their IT capacity, companies can convert their hardware-based applications into virtual environments. Through this process, companies gain a competitive edge, as well as smoother workflow. VMware, for instance, features these benefits provided by virtualization. This can be done through virtualization.

One of the greatest benefits of virtualization is the ability to automate operations management and deliver corresponding real-time data for decision making. This is accomplished primarily through a dashboard that grants unified management of the entire system at a glance.

The Catalyst for Virtualization: The Dashboard
The dashboard makes it easy to collect pertinent data and make it available to managers that need it. Platforms, such as VMware’s vCenter, can develop routines for analyzing and confronting problems preventatively, ensuring the organic momentum of business productivity. A dashboard displaying the virtual environment puts decision makers in the driver’s seat to implement change and discern trends that require more fundamental solutions.

How a Dashboard Gives You the Tools for Proactive Management
Real-time information offered by the dashboard can be even more powerful for decision makers willing to utilize customization and design features. Managers can attain real-time information according to key groups and levels they designate. Problems that may have gone unnoticed until afterwards can be identified and eliminated.
Consider a case where a manager knows that a particular division has a key supply chain deadline to meet. Relying on reports that only come at the end of a period can lead to mismanagement of finances and inventory, which cause a ripple effect in the entire organization’s profit and productivity. A dashboard view of that group would allow a decision maker to receive feedback in real-time, correct them, and generate better results.
Ultimately, the dashboard allows managers to act on operational activities that impact outcomes. This means that the monitoring system is flexible enough to dynamically adjust and align with the business. Decision makers can then spend their time designing strategies instead of managing problems after the fact.

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