Companies are looking for ways to send and receive their information and data faster. After all, no one enjoys waiting for important files to download, especially when in a time-crunch. For business network administrators and users, 10 gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) delivers multiple benefits that can help accelerate communication and sharing.

One of the most significant benefits of 10GbE is speed. This Ethernet technology increases upload, download, file transfer, and streaming speeds. Another benefit is the savings possible, as this technology consolidates Ethernet connections into single lines and decreases the number of hardware cables and computing boxes needed.

Why Moving to 10 Gigabit Ethernet Is Important

Companies maintaining IT networks can manage the ever increasing traffic demands from users, customers, and suppliers through the 10 gigabit Ethernet capability. The explosion of mobile technology means businesses must accommodate for increased access to its networks, both internally and externally. Deploying 10GbE technology allows companies to reduce and redistribute this load at a lower cost.

Another incentive to using 10GbE is the efficiencies offered by storage area networks, or SANs. SANs allow companies to store data over the Ethernet with less cost and fewer complexities. This reduced complexity allows for a company to easily integrate virtualization or cloud based computing.

The Possibilities of This Transition

The increased capacity of 10GbE will yield positive and more efficient results for the end user. For example, increased capacity leads to faster data retrieval, stronger video streams, and consistently true audio content delivery. However, from the enterprise side, companies that originally deployed low cost hardware with complex connections may find themselves overwhelmed with increased demand for data without replacing existing technology.

Ultimately, 10 gigabit technology gives organizations the flexibility to utilize their existing hardware to meet this demand cost effectively. Whether companies choose to implement cloud based delivery or conventional availability, the larger and faster 10 gigabit connections moving from server to server will create higher functionality within networked hardware. The reduced need for new hardware is a tangible cost savings for any company

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