As IT and security issues become more and more complex, companies of all sizes need an affordable way to access top-tier talent without having to make an initial investment in searching for, evaluating, and hiring staff specialists. A well-versed Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be a simple solution. By providing a wide range of hi-tech, Swiss-army-knife-type expertise on a variety of projects, MSPs compliment the talents of in-house staffs in a cost-effective, simplified way. A good MSP team provides the performance you need.

If you’re on the hunt for a top-notch MSP, here are the 3 building blocks you need to look for:
•Flexibility: When you need extra assistance, your team of choice should ramp up and provide it. When you don’t need the extra horsepower, you’re not paying for it. Beware of too many excuses. If the MSP you choose isn’t open to helping you on your time, then they aren’t the right option.
•Responsiveness: If a disaster strikes, you need a team that can mobilize quickly, draw upon outside resources as needed, and get your operations online again. Your MSP team should be on call 24×7, because that’s what today’s businesses require. Downtime is expensive, and it affects your company’s reputation. Also, look for a MSP’s experience in “crisis” situations. You don’t want to be the test-run. This will demonstrate how adroit their team is at diagnosing issues and implementing solutions.
•Modernization: There are times when in-house IT groups become so imprisoned by break-fix technology strategies that they overlook the upgrades that need to be made to keep technology and security up-to-date. From downtime to equipment replacement and data loss, these strategies cost companies more than they realize.

A MSP team should bring extra hands and updated knowledge to the table to ensure that your business has the resources it needs to break away from break-fix and embrace preventative, proactive IT strategies. The MSP you work with should constantly stay abreast of what’s new, and update you accordingly. This can be a huge advantage, especially in industries that move quickly.

Overall, the MSP your company chooses to work with needs to care about your business. Their model should be proactive and take the concerns of your organization’s current and future needs into account. A MSP is there to offer relief by over-preparing and over-analyzing worst case scenarios for you, so problems are solved before they happen.
At Atom Creek, we work with a spectrum of organizations – from startups to enterprises. We have developed specialties in health care, energy, and education. We have the power to adapt our services to fit the most unique needs.

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