Disasters Take Many Forms. This is How You Prepare.

Data disasters occur for a number of reasons. The key is to be prepared, and not having a backup plan can lead to huge setbacks – from data loss to downtimes that last hours or days and – in extreme cases – even the loss of your business. The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council released a 2014 report (ANNUAL_REPORT-DRPBenchmark_Survey_Results_2014_report.pdf) that calculated how many businesses were equipped to recover from IT system outages.

It turns out that 73% of companies surveyed are failing in terms of Disaster Recovery readiness. In some Disaster Recovery tests, 20% of surveyed participants lost the use of one or more critical applications over a period of days. Even small outages can cause large ripples in the productivity of your employees. The clients and reputation of your business also stands to suffer if deadlines, product quality, and services are affected.

So, how do companies protect your business? A comprehensive disaster recovery plan can protect data and keep your business intact, up, and operating at full capacity. And these plans come in various forms.

For instance, offsite backups involve the implementation of an offsite server and mirroring data between on-site data centers and that site via deduplication technologies. Paired with a High Availability solution, this solution eliminates downtime, ensuring that data is not only protected, but business-critical applications are also available at all times.

Another data backup solution that can be online within a few hours is through the cloud. By skipping the project, companies can access backup services through a network connection. All information is hosted securely offsite, and without the implementation and maintenance price tag.

Between hardware and software failures, viruses, malware, natural disasters, power outages, and even theft and human error, organizations need to protect their data to ensure the prosperous future of their operations. Disaster Recovery has become a necessity in every industry and for businesses of all sizes.

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