When it comes to effective IT solutions, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Team has been proven to be a solid choice for businesses both large and small. It’s easy to see why: as IT and security issues become more and more complex, an MSP team provides a way to get top-tier talent without having to make a major investment in employee search, candidate evaluation, and employee retention strategies.

A good MSP team provides the performance a company needs in a much more cost-effective manner than an in-house IT group. There are multiple reasons for this:

An MSP team is flexible. When you need extra assistance, it’s easy for the team to ramp up and provide it. When you don’t need the extra horsepower, you’re not paying for it.

An MSP team is responsive. If a disaster strikes, the team can mobilize quickly, draw upon outside resources as needed, and make the organization’s network operational again. MSP teams are on call 24/7, because that’s what clients demand. Typically, an MSP has worked with many clients previously and will therefore have more experience in “crisis” situations. This background helps the team quickly diagnose issues and implement solutions.

An MSP team makes it easier to customize a network. Most “off-the-shelf” solutions don’t take into account specialized needs a business may have now or in the future. The MSP can not only take on immediate issues, but help plan as the business grows or as the marketplace changes.

An MSP team has to keep up with changes in technology. Too often, in-house IT groups become focused strictly on servicing current hardware and software, and significant changes in technology or security can be overlooked. An MSP team, since it usually interacts with more than one organization, is constantly challenged to stay abreast of what’s new. This can be a huge advantage, especially in industries that move quickly.

A good MSP team learns not just your network, but your business. The team becomes specialized in your industry and gives you new insights on how to more effectively use IT.

Atom Creek works with a spectrum of organizations, from startups to enterprise scale. We have developed specialties in health care, energy, and education. Our business model is based on being proactive: we take your concerns about your technology networks and infrastructures and offer relief by over-preparing and over-analyzing worst case scenarios. Problems are solved before they happen; If disruptions do arise, you’re up and running as quickly as possible.

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