Investing in the security of a business translates to investing in the future of the business: without a secure defense against attackers, the company could crumble. Businesses running without a robust security structure risk not only losing data and important assets of their business, but also the assets and personal information of their employees, clients, partners, and suppliers. The consequences of a compromised system not only will cost you financially, but will also drop your reputation.

An article on Dark Reading

discusses why the security industry is growing faster than ever. Compared to 12 years ago, when the security market was just a $3.5 billion industry, Gartner predicts that the industry will be yield above $73 billion. This drastic increase illustrates not only the increase of businesses investing in their defensive structures, but also the surge of potential cyber-threats.

Becoming Safe and Secure

One of the easiest methods to securing your company’s assets is by using anti-virus software and security programs. When placed on individual desktops or virtualized networks, inbound viruses and other malicious programs are stopped, quarantined, or removed. Some programs send alerts to the user or the network when a risk has been identified and block websites or downloads that may potentially carry threats. Many security companies offer antivirus solutions for enterprises, which can be centrally managed for optimal effectiveness. However, for the anti-virus programs to be most effective, it is vital to update it regularly or automatically. Otherwise, newer risks could walk in without being checked.
Educating your employees on the best practices for security can also go a long way. For instance, complex passwords help prevent unauthorized access to files, computers, cloud servers, and other important spaces. Additionally, avoiding websites, spam e-mail, and potentially hazardous attachments can lead to decreased time being wasted troubleshooting and solving the problem.

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