Atom Creek understands that being a business owner is difficult even on a good day. Apart from dealing with and effectively resolving many difficulties, you must also have the foresight to equip your company with the necessary tools and solutions to deal with any issues that may develop in the future. 

Data loss/data corruption and business interruption, which cause downtime and productivity drops, should always be prioritized. Remember that data loss/data corruption and business disruption can occur for a variety of causes, including: 

  • Natural calamity 
  • Hardware failure 
  • Human error 
  • Software corruption 
  • Computer viruses 

At Atom Creek, we’ve learned that the best method to address this issue is to implement a comprehensive backup and business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy. 

What is a comprehensive backup and BCDR strategy? 

A thorough backup and BCDR plan emphasizes the importance of several technologies collaborating to ensure uptime. It even promotes cybersecurity-related technologies. A solid strategy: 

Protects all systems, devices, and workloads 

It might be difficult to manage all systems, devices, and workloads efficiently, safely, and consistently. Mistakes, errors, mishaps, and outright failures in backup and recovery systems can occur at any time, resulting in costly downtime or other business consequences. That is why having a dependable and secure solution to backup and preserve company data, as well as business systems, devices, and workloads, is critical. 

Ensures the integrity, availability, and accessibility of data 

Monitoring and protection are tough due to the complexity of IT, network, and data environments that encompass numerous sites — cloud, on-premises, and remote. It has a detrimental impact on the integrity, availability, and accessibility of information as well as all IT network assets. That is why it is best practice to deploy tools or systems that safeguard and secure all IT and network infrastructure (remote, cloud, and on-site) at the same time. 

Enables business resilience and continuity 

A thorough and realistically possible backup and BCDR strategy prioritizes, streamlines, and ensures business operations continuity. It shows a company’s ability to withstand downtime or data loss incidents. 

Prioritizes critical protection and security requirements against internal and external risks 

No backup or disaster recovery solution can be effective unless your company proactively identifies and mitigates internal and external threats. To enable your backup and BCDR strategy, you need tools that focus on internal and external risks through ongoing monitoring, alerting, and tactical protection. 

Optimizes and reduces storage needs and costs through deduplication 

With the amount of data increasing by the day, organizations face major storage and budgetary issues. What makes matters worse is the presence of several redundant copies of the same files. As a result, using the deduplication process can detect data repetition and ensure that no similar data is stored redundantly. 

Manages visibility and unauthorized access and fulfills data retention requirements 

Your company’s data should never be accessible to all employees in the same way. There must be procedures and technologies in place to guarantee that employees only access data that is required to complete their tasks. Unauthorized access must also be recognized and blocked as soon as possible. This is critical not just for backup and BCDR success, but also for remaining in compliance with all regulatory regulations pertaining to data security and retention. 

Comprehensive backup and BCDR for your business

Adopting a robust backup and disaster recovery strategy is no longer an option; it is a requirement. An occurrence of serious data loss or disruption may even allow your competitors to eat into your earnings and customer base. 

You must do everything possible to put together all of the necessary tools and methods so that your firm can run smoothly even in the midst of chaos. Are you ready to put comprehensive backup and disaster recovery into practice? 

It’s not as difficult as you think. Collaborate with an expert partner like us who has the knowledge and experience to handle your backup and disaster recovery needs. 

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