Happy 13 years, Atom Creek!

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By Amanda Clipp, Chief Executive Officer of Handwritten Memos


As we fast approach the end of February & the beginning of March, somewhere in the magical hours passing between Sunday & Monday Atom Creek will turn 13!!!

Established February 29th, 2008, a Friday under the Pisces moon & Leap year, principals Shayne Sivley & Dave Clipp found themselves starting a business despite a looming economic crash, The Great Recession.

With nothing more than a small 8×10 room with barely enough space for their 2 desks the men created a whole lot of something from not much; like Atom’s do! I am sure the men listened to Low by Flo Rida over and over again to keep themselves hyped or maybe even they tried to Forget Sarah Marshall, but they put their heads down, used a rolodex & got it done.

As time passed, they grew out of their tiny space added employees, cultivated their knowledge base & hold steady in an everchanging & growing arena that is “Information Technology”.

Here are 13 Tidd-Bits about Atom Creek:

1. Jake Lavigne was the 1st Atom Creek employee, originally hired as Tier 1 Help Desk Technician, and is now a Senior Systems Engineer

2. Atom Creek has always had a staff of dogs, not always great employees, but great for employee moral! Boone, Munchkin, Kimber, Niko, Paisley, Chupacabra, Spence, HotsieMoMo, Solomon & Sherlock.

3. Atom Creek considered entering the competitive world of sock design after back-to-back super successful sock holiday gifts.

4. Due to the Leap Year inception date on paper Atom Creek is only 4.

5. Atom Creek was named after a combination of various things in Cofounder Shayne Sivley’s past; Waxahachie, TX a small town that Shayne considers as his original hometown. The name Waxahachie (pronounced wawk sah hatch ee) is derived from the Native American word meaning “Buffalo Creek.” In the 80’s Waxahachie was chosen as the site for the Super Conducting Super Collider and was dubbed the “Atom Smasher”. It would have been the world’s largest particle accelerator, even to this day, had it been completed.

6. Atom Creek’s favorite food is Nepalese.

7. The poker chips for the 7-year anniversary have been bet with in Vegas followed by a not nice invitation to immediately leave the casino floor.

8. Did you know Atom Creek offers FusionsDP which is our Data Protection Service- call for more information!

9. Shayne & Dave both enjoy hitting the open road on their custom Harley Davidson Road Glides in Candy Orange & Superior Blue. *Go Broncos!

10. Atom Creek currently employs 10 Enginerds.

11. Our customers love us so much that they send people to work for us! Just ask Scott Carson how being in a band lead to his tenured career with Atom Creek.

12. On the 12th Anniversary Shayne & Dave were “patched” into their own company, because who doesn’t love SOA? What else would you do to commemorate 12 awesome years?

13. Atom Creek’s 1st client remains a steady true customer 13 years later. We must have Done something Right!

Thank you for a wonderful 13 years

Without the steadfast dedication of our employees, faith from our clients & amazing partnerships with our vendors, Atom Creek wouldn’t be the success we see ourselves today.

Cheers to another 13.

See What Our Partners Are Saying

Atom Creek is an exceptional managed services provider. Customer experience is a priority. My experience with Atom Creek has been that the engagement and focus of the top levels of leadership and the owner of the company on projects is second to none. Broad knowledge and being at the forefront of new technologies and innovations is a key characteristic of the firm and one of many reasons so many clients stay with them for so long. Highly recommend.

Brian Bybee

We have worked with Atom Creek for 7 years, they are always on the forefront of security and compliance for our company. When you need computer help from the techs they know us like they are your own internal department and not the random call center help person. Atom Creek is our IT department and is Amazing.

Kirsten Berger

Atom Creek is great they took care of everything we needed in a timely manner with zero issues. Paid great attention to exactly what was needed and delivered everything perfect. Highly recommend!

Tyler Holt

Excellent managed service provider with a highly skilled and customer-focused team!

Jon Taylor

Great folks to work with. Honest work and honest price.

Stephen G

Great business, knowledge and customer service.

John Schliep

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