Professional Services

Push the limits of your processes and technologies with hardware, software, and guided upgrade support from Atom Creek’s expert service technicians and engineers.

Scalable IT Services to Match Your Needs

Expert Solutions for Your Technology Problems

When your business is impacted by specific IT challenges or technological limitations, Atom Creek can help. Our professional services provide immediate guidance for system upgrades, expansions, rollouts, and more.

Experienced Engineers

We know the technology we deploy and we do it right the first time. Our project-based services are also designed to be scalable—allowing you to add services as needed with zero friction.

Trusted Partners

We take a transparent approach to every project so that you know exactly what we’re doing and why—from installs and designs to hardware rollouts and more.

Tailored Solutions

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Our help is always targeted to solve your specific problems and tailored to support your organization’s unique needs.

Why Choose Professional Services with Atom Creek?

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to IT support—but not all of them come with the same benefits. Here’s why Atom Creek is different:

Scalable Service

Everything we do is designed to grow alongside your business. If you ever need to move from project work into fully managed services, we make the process seamless.

Practical & Accessible Pricing

We offer exceptional value for the level of expertise we provide. This makes it easy for you to get cost-effective help that’s also—well, actually effective.


Our professional services can provide support for a wide range of projects, including:

Network reorganization

New hardware rollouts

System upscales and upgrades

Expansions of your IT environment

Planning and design for new programs or procedures

See What Our Partners Are Saying

Atom Creek is an exceptional managed services provider. Customer experience is a priority. My experience with Atom Creek has been that the engagement and focus of the top levels of leadership and the owner of the company on projects is second to none. Broad knowledge and being at the forefront of new technologies and innovations is a key characteristic of the firm and one of many reasons so many clients stay with them for so long. Highly recommend.

Brian Bybee

We have worked with Atom Creek for 7 years, they are always on the forefront of security and compliance for our company. When you need computer help from the techs they know us like they are your own internal department and not the random call center help person. Atom Creek is our IT department and is Amazing.

Kirsten Berger

Atom Creek is great they took care of everything we needed in a timely manner with zero issues. Paid great attention to exactly what was needed and delivered everything perfect. Highly recommend!

Tyler Holt

Excellent managed service provider with a highly skilled and customer-focused team!

Jon Taylor

Great folks to work with. Honest work and honest price.

Stephen G

Great business, knowledge and customer service.

John Schliep

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to Your Questions about Professional Services

Does Atom Creek cost more than other IT service providers?

Our hourly rates for project work aren’t the lowest in the industry—but our expertise and scalability save you money in the long run.

By solving problems that could impact business continuity the first time and making it easier to transition into fully managed services when you need them, you get significantly more value than you might by choosing a less experienced or involved provider.

What’s the difference between professional services and managed services?

Our professional services are designed to solve immediate needs and challenges for our clients—like rolling out a company-wide hardware upgrade.

Our managed services provide complete and ongoing support for your specific IT infrastructure. This includes continuously monitoring the state of your new hardware and network to ensure its continued functionality and value to your business.

Will I need managed services if I use Atom Creek’s professional services?

That’s up to you. Some organizations use us for project work while others engage us as an ongoing extension of their IT department.

In many cases, the organizations that use our professional services find it most efficient to have us provide fully managed services—but every organization is different. Contact us for a consultation if you need help determining the scope and scale of your IT needs.

What businesses can benefit from Atom Creek’s professional services?

At Atom Creek, we work with organizations in a wide range of different industries—including but not limited to:

⦁ Professional Services (e.g., law firms, architects)
⦁ Manufacturing
⦁ Media and Entertainment
⦁ Nonprofits
⦁ Energy

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