IT Solutions Provider Atom Creek Partners with Uplogix to Deliver Out-of-Band Management Automation

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Press Release

Advanced out-of-band platform extends infrastructure and security focus for enterprise-level networks.

AUSTIN, TEXAS (May 19, 2021) – Uplogix, the most evolved out-of-band solution on the market, and Atom Creek, IT solutions provider for customers ranging from small business to large media and entertainment, announced today a partnership to provide advanced out-of-band management technologies.

Uplogix has created the most evolved out-of-band solution with patented automated actions and flexible secure remote access that enables network-independent management in enterprise networks. Designed for the challenges of remotely managing enterprise network infrastructure while reducing cost, complexity, and downtime, the Uplogix platform goes Beyond Out-of-Band.

Atom Creek works with customers from a variety of business sectors, including municipalities, non-profit organizations, service providers, energy companies, legal firms, and public utilities. Customers are located both in and out of Colorado, with Atom Creek supporting companies with remote sites, offices, and data centers. Regardless of the customer location, Atom Creek can provide the level of service and expertise required to meet our customer’s needs.

“We’re excited to work with Atom Creek to bring our out-of-band management solutions to their customers,” said Lisa Frankovitch, Uplogix CEO. “The patented automated actions and network independence combined with a variety of flexible, secure remote access options will reduce network operations costs while increasing cybersecurity.”

The focus at Uplogix from the beginning has been to provide network infrastructure management automation that works like an experienced network admin. Identifying, triaging, and fixing issues is best done onsite over the console port – not over the network. For network admins, Uplogix serves as an automated crash cart in every rack given them access and capabilities without traveling to the gear itself.

“We are very pleased to have finalized this partnership with Uplogix. With their experience providing out-of-band solutions we see this as a great opportunity to drive growth for both companies,” stated Dave Clipp, President and CEO of Atom Creek. “It will enable us to immediately access new business development opportunities together and notably, provide a solution to current customers that can benefit from network management automation.”

About Atom Creek
Atom Creek is an Information Technology solutions provider with a focus on infrastructure and security. Established in 2008, we have been in business for over 13 years working to meet the needs of a variety of customers ranging from small businesses to large media & entertainment. Our focus is to provide enterprise-level subject matter expertise to our customers so their business can rely on their technology infrastructure for operational reliability and extensibility for growth.

About Uplogix
Uplogix is designed for the challenges of remotely managing enterprise network infrastructure while reducing cost, complexity, and downtime. We go Beyond Out-of-Band providing network Independence for automated management actions with secure remote access. Complex networking tasks are simplified in an easy-to-use platform with US-based technical support.

Uplogix is created, coded, and constructed in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit


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Atom Creek is an exceptional managed services provider. Customer experience is a priority. My experience with Atom Creek has been that the engagement and focus of the top levels of leadership and the owner of the company on projects is second to none. Broad knowledge and being at the forefront of new technologies and innovations is a key characteristic of the firm and one of many reasons so many clients stay with them for so long. Highly recommend.

Brian Bybee

We have worked with Atom Creek for 7 years, they are always on the forefront of security and compliance for our company. When you need computer help from the techs they know us like they are your own internal department and not the random call center help person. Atom Creek is our IT department and is Amazing.

Kirsten Berger

Atom Creek is great they took care of everything we needed in a timely manner with zero issues. Paid great attention to exactly what was needed and delivered everything perfect. Highly recommend!

Tyler Holt

Excellent managed service provider with a highly skilled and customer-focused team!

Jon Taylor

Great folks to work with. Honest work and honest price.

Stephen G

Great business, knowledge and customer service.

John Schliep

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