You Can Have Faster, Better Wi-Fi Through 11AC

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You want a Wi-Fi boost and you’ve heard that 11AC is the solution. You’ve probably heard people throw around numbers, like 433 Mbps, 5GHz, and 160MHz, and want to know how to bring these numbers home to your business. Here’s some information that will help you decide if this technology is right for you and your business.

What Is 11AC?
Built on the backs of its predecessors, 802.11ac (or 11AC) radically boosts Wi-Fi throughput. The real boost comes from MIMO, which will be available with the second-generation 11AC chipsets.
This boost combines many powerful features:

  • 11AC’s maximum data rate of 433 Mbps
  • Packaging more information within each radio signal through the 256 QAM modulation scheme
  • Signal optimization through beamforming at the silicon level
  • Multiple channels that range from 20MHz to 80MHz
  • Multiple transmit-receive antennas that support multiple data streams
  • What Are the Benefits of 11AC?
    Instead of going from one user to the next in rapid succession, MIMO will allow up to four users to simultaneously access 11AC’s transmission capabilities. With the reductions in wait time and signal degradation, more data is transmitted to more users across wider, more efficient bands all at the same time. These combined efficiencies also save battery power. Add the upcoming jump from 80MHz with Wave 1 to 160 with Wave 2, and you have a system capable of handling higher densities and multiple users in wider bands. The result is a perceived increase in speed due to actual increases in capacity that are utilized efficiently.

    Who Can Use 11AC?
    From small businesses to enterprises, anyone can use 11AC to improve the wireless experience. You can break free of single stream Wi-Fi and boost your Mbps up to Gbps by transitioning to 11AC-capable mobile and tablet devices. With the proper infrastructure in place, you can be ready to claim the current and future benefits of 11AC for your enterprise.

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